#6: Dance


Elisabetta, in Mr Connor’s class, brought in a huge selection of her dance awards¬†today. This weekend, she won several trophies for taking part in a dance contest at Chellaston Academy. Some of the disciplines she performed included tap, freestyle and jazz. She now has her eye on some individual awards come the end of June…

Elisabetta has been a regular attendee of the dance after-school club on Tuesdays – if your children are interested, please ask at the office.



#5: RE


Aksa, one of our year 6 children, has been a champion at her local church. Here are two trophies that she has won as part of a quiz on the Bible – clearly Aksa knows an awful lot!

She is always brilliant at explaining herself in the classroom and clearly this has helped her to show her knowledge at church too.

Well done Aksa ūüôā



#4: Dancing


Here you can see one of our talented year one children with a trophy that is nearly as big as she is! This trophy was awarded for coming in second place in the freestyle category of a dance competition in Manchester. Well done!

We look forward to seeing and sharing more of our children’s achievements ūüôā


#3: Dancers


Here is one of our year 5 children (with her sister; a former pupil at St. Joseph’s) who has spent a fantastic weekend in Blackpool competing at the home of dance – the Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

Her dance troupe won ten trophies for all categories, which included stunt groups, pom and cheer.

Well done and, as Tess and Claudia would say, keep dancing!


#2: Triathletes

Here we have two of our Upper Junior boys who took part in their first ever triathlon over the summer holidays. As you know, a triathlon involves swimming, cycling and running, so requires real determination!

The boys completed a 300m swim, a 2k cycle and a 1k run. A fantastic achievement.



#1: Swimming


It’s not just academic success that we value at St. Joseph’s. This blog will be showcasing our children’s talents and achievements, be they in the world of sport, dance, drama or all that lies in between.



Above you can see an amazing collection of medals won by Donal in year 6 for his endeavours in swimming. He is clearly a talented boy, so look out for him in the 2020 Olympics!

This medal haul is only from the last couple of weeks for the following events:

Gold –¬†50m butterfly and 50m backstroke

Silver Р50m front crawl and 100m individual medley

Bronze –¬†50m breaststroke


A brilliant achievement Donal – keep it up!




Welcome to our newest blog site. This is a place where we will be celebrating the success of our children, whether it be a fantastic piece of art-work, a sporting achievement or an individual milestone. This might be something they have done in school or during their own time at clubs.

Please send your children in with certificates, photographs and stories and we will share them with the world here.