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#16: Drama


This talented young lady has achieved her grade 3 performance award. She had to act out two separate scenes and then answer questions about them. By only did she succeed, but she did so with distinction, the highest award possible. Well done!

#15: Dance

This talented Y6 dancer has collected a real medal collection over the last year. Here she has three gold, one silver and four bronze medals from festivals she has entered, some of which have been earned as part of a troupe while others are from solo performances. Well done!

#14: Breakdancing


Here are two of our Y5 boys who have spent the weekend dancing at a national competition in Mablethorpe. Both won a variety of trophies for their solo, duo, quad and crew dances, and have been invited back to another competition in Nottingham next month.

Huge congratulations!


#13: Breakdancing 

Here is one of our talented Y5 boys, who this weekend qualified for both the European and World breakdancing championships for his age group. 

Over the weekend, he came 8th in his duo dance, and 2nd in the individual. All of this was in an under-12s age group, so he was competing against children much older than himself! 

We look forward to reporting how he got on in the next tournaments. 


#12: Sports Day

The champs!

The champs!

Thank you to all of the families that came to support the children this morning. Thankfully the rain held off until lunch time so we were able to go ahead with sports day as planned.

The children were a real credit to all of our families, as they supported one another fully and, although there was a competitive element, it was all done in the right spirit.

Congratulations to Ludlam who emerged as victors after almost two hours of competition!

#11: Dance and Cheerleading 

Well done to Iris the most improved dancer in the whole dance school for 2015. What a great achievement. Well done.  


#10: Basketball

Well done to Andre in Yr3 for taking part in the mini basketball programme  with the Derby Trailblazers. Here is the certificate he earned for his achievements. Well done Andre!


#9: Dancing and Cheerleading

One of our Y5 children has been extremely busy!

Here is a HUGE trophy which was won over the weekend. This is how winning it was described:

‘Me and four other girls performed our stunt group in front of many people. We were so proud of each other after the performance that we cried with happiness. We were also against fifteen tough squads. 

When it came to the awards we doubted that we would get a trophy; then they called out DB CHEER! We screamed so loud that the next day we could barely speak’

Well done!


#8: Singing 


Here is one of our proud and talented year 6 children, showing off the trophies she won for a singing competition.

She had to choose a song and memorise the words. Then,she had to sing that song in front of thousands of people. There were 3 competitions and in the first one, she got 1st prize and the second, 2nd prize and in the third one, 3rd prize.



#7: Irish Dancing

Over the Easter holidays, one of our year 6 children travelled to Montreal in Canada to take part in the World Irish Dancing Championships.

Having qualified through the places available to the Midlands, Grace was then asked to dance two heavy dances and one light dance to an audience of thousands! Grace said that she was a mixture of nerves and excitement but importantly she enjoyed the competition and the experience.

She had to dance as part of her dance group as well as individually – in her age group, she came 62nd out of 154!

Grace is definitely going to continue to dance and will be looking to get a world medal at the championships soon.

Well done Grace – this is a phenomenal achievement and you should be so proud.